Shino Matsuda won the title “Women’s QS 1,000 Ichinomiya Chiba Open”! ー「Women’s QS 1,000 Ichinomiya Chiba Open」にて松田詩野選手が優勝!


“Female QS 1,000 Ichinomiya Chiba Open” that celebrated the final day on May 27th (Sun).Shino Matsuda who lives from Shonan Chika won the championship!
The final partner is Tahiti’s Karel Poppe ( won the final against Sara Wakita  at the “Women’s QS 1000 Yumeika Surfing Game Tahara Pro” in 2016.

Short interview with Shino Matsuda playing a beautiful flowing form of surfing!

Q: How did you feel after winning?
I was really happy to win the QS in Japan which is one of the few.

Q: Looking back at the game, what do you think is the cause of victory?
The feeling of wanting to win in winning up the heat is getting stronger,before the final, there was no tension, the enjoyment became stronger, I was relaxed and advanced.

Q: What are your future tasks and goals?
It is to raise QS ranking.

Q: What kind of time schedule do you usually practice?
Because I am going to correspondence high school, when there are waves, it is about 2 rounds everyday and training etc. is done in between.

Q: What’s next game?
I will participate in QS in South Africa.

☆☆☆congratulations for winning!☆☆☆

Shino Matsuda

Birth date: August 13, 2002
Hometown: Living from Chigasaki city, Kanagawa prefecture
Home point: Chigasaki Park
Sponsor: Billabong, White Buffalo, YUsusf board, FCS, hlna, Golf partner, Aerotech Co., Ltd. BRAVO Corporation, Unilever


5月27日(日)ファイナルデーを迎えた「Women’s QS 1,000 Ichinomiya Chiba Open」。湘南茅ヶ崎出身在住の松田詩野選手が見事優勝!
ファイナルの相手は2016年に「Women’s QS 1,000 Yumeya Surfing Games Tahara Pro」にて脇田紗良とファイナルを争い、優勝したタヒチのKarelle Poppke(。


数少ない日本での QSで優勝できて本当に嬉しかったです




南アフリカの QSに参戦します



生年月日:2002年 8月13日
スポンサー:ビラボン、ホワイトバッファロー 、YUsusf board、FCS、hlna、ゴルフパートナー、(株)エアロテック (株)BRAVO、ユニリーバ